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9:17 AM

Forests are the assets of a nation.
They are the things of beauty and gifts of Nature.
Although, all of us have not visited forests, we know forests as large area of undulating land thickly covered with trees, bushes, grasses etc.
In addition, wild, non-domesticated animals, birds, insects, reptiles and a whole lot of living organisms are found in forests.
Forest officials - Foresters - highly qualified persons look after forests by protecting animals, planting new trees and guarding against fire.
We find forests in most of the mountains, hills and hillocks where all kinds of animals like elephant, lion, tiger, deer, rhinos, zebra, monkey, bison and a host of others live.
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They live freely on foliage, flowers, fruits and small animals which are weak.
The strong animals like lion and tiger hunt animals like deer and satisfy their hunger.
Forests are their home, Nature provide them food, water, and shelter.
A fantastic free life they enjoy.
The growth of forests depend mainly on rainfall.
Based on their dependency, they are classified as tropical evergreen forest (more than 300 cm rainfall), semi-evergreen forest (200 cm rainfall), tropical deciduous forests (100 - 200 cm rainfall) thorn forests (less than 80 cm rainfall) tidal forests (along rivers) or mangroove forest (Sundarbans in Ganga delta).
Very valuable trees grow in these forests.
They were self grown ones.
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9:14 AM

One always wants to drive traffic to their website or blog on a daily basis. This is normally achieved by performing various SEO traffic techniques that help in driving traffic by either doing it yourself or hiring an expert. In the former case, you will end up spending too much time doing it yourself as the processes are time consuming and cumbersome while in the latter case you will save on time but end up spending a lot of money to the provider.
However, there is one technique that can achieve a lot of traffic without having to spend too much or investing a lot of time. Article Writing!
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Now the next question that may come to your mind is how does Article Writing drive traffic? It’s quite simple! The Internet comprises of a lot of information and there are millions of visitors, researchers and webmasters who are looking out for content for their blogs and websites. They have a choice where they can either create their own content or search on the Internet for a good quality article which they can utilize easily and quickly. This is exactly where you come in.
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9:13 AM

There are many reasons why people need artificial eyes or ocular prosthesis. Thankfully, advancements in science now allow people that have lost an eye to often adapt to their limited vision. A skilled ocularist can now create artificial eyes that so closely match the natural eye, that they typically go unnoticed. The most common cause of eye loss is trauma or injury, but many chronic eye diseases can also lead to eye removal. Five common eye diseases that can ultimately result in the removal of an eye are Painful Blind Eye, Ocular Melanoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Tumors and Cataracts.
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Blindness is defined by the lack of light perception. If a person is completely blind, they suffer from "no light perception" or NLP. Often NLP is accompanied by pain which can be caused by a number of conditions, most commonly the pain associated with the increased eye pressure of glaucoma, a common cause of blindness. In these cases, since there is already no vision in the affected eye, the eye can be removed and replaced with an ocular prosthesis, allowing the sufferer to appear normal and to eliminate the pain.
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9:11 AM

While anchored inside the Rangiroa atoll aboard our 130 foot sailing yacht, Vaimiti, my dad took me and my brother snorkeling at a nearby island just inside of the Tiputa Pass, through which all the boats went in and out. While we were in the water, Max, one of our crew members, spoke with a dive master aboard a dive boat moored next to us. The dive master suggested calling them at 1:30, by which time he would have returned from his dive. Max told us the news when we boarded the tender after our snorkel. At 1:30, instead of calling we went ashore and visited Paradive, the dive center.
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My brother and I spoke with Olivier, who described some dives that we could do. Our mom gave us permission to participate in all three dives that he suggested. We were thrilled to be making our first recreational dive that evening at sunset. Felix and I rushed back to the boat to tell our dad the news. We gathered out equipment and left the boat in time to meet Olivier at 4:00. He gave a brief description of the dive and how it worked before we jumped into grey Paradive zodiac.
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Red Roses

9:04 AM

There are few flowers that hold the allure and enchantment of a rose. They grow wild in almost all parts of the world and have been hybridized and cultivated to an overwhelming 7,500 varieties. They grow in short or tall bushes, climb walls, fences, and terraces, and appear in long-stemmed bouquets. Old World roses bloom prolifically at the beginning of the summer, while varieties that descend from China frequently bloom well into the autumn. A rose can come in practically any color, from the ever-popular red rose to all shades of white, pink, yellow, peach, orange, green, lavender, and even hues that approach black and blue.all blog tools blogger templates
They have an equally diverse composition: the blooms can be small or large, tight or open, and consist of five or many petals. Even the fragrance differs widely amongst the species, from heady musk and damask scents to lighter fruit and sweet smells.
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8:47 AM

Changes in operational procedure, management styles and services offered to clients and customers characterize many places of employment. An examination of the internet and other media reveals the rapid development of new products and seamless modifications of existing ones. A more recent factor which caused major changes in people’s income, life style and attitude, is the disruptions in the world’s financial market.
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Given the fact that change is a global reality, one role of higher education institutions is to enable students to not just function effectively in rapidly changing workplace environments, but to become reflective agents of change.
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