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While anchored inside the Rangiroa atoll aboard our 130 foot sailing yacht, Vaimiti, my dad took me and my brother snorkeling at a nearby island just inside of the Tiputa Pass, through which all the boats went in and out. While we were in the water, Max, one of our crew members, spoke with a dive master aboard a dive boat moored next to us. The dive master suggested calling them at 1:30, by which time he would have returned from his dive. Max told us the news when we boarded the tender after our snorkel. At 1:30, instead of calling we went ashore and visited Paradive, the dive center.
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My brother and I spoke with Olivier, who described some dives that we could do. Our mom gave us permission to participate in all three dives that he suggested. We were thrilled to be making our first recreational dive that evening at sunset. Felix and I rushed back to the boat to tell our dad the news. We gathered out equipment and left the boat in time to meet Olivier at 4:00. He gave a brief description of the dive and how it worked before we jumped into grey Paradive zodiac.

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