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Red Roses

There are few flowers that hold the allure and enchantment of a rose. They grow wild in almost all parts of the world and have been hybridized and cultivated to an overwhelming 7,500 varieties. They grow in short or tall bushes, climb walls, fences, and terraces, and appear in long-stemmed bouquets. Old World roses bloom prolifically at the beginning of the summer, while varieties that descend from China frequently bloom well into the autumn. A rose can come in practically any color, from the ever-popular red rose to all shades of white, pink, yellow, peach, orange, green, lavender, and even hues that approach black and blue.all blog tools blogger templates
They have an equally diverse composition: the blooms can be small or large, tight or open, and consist of five or many petals. Even the fragrance differs widely amongst the species, from heady musk and damask scents to lighter fruit and sweet smells.

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